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Delivery Company
VIN number if you don't know.









We are the only European manufacturer which produce high-quality leather seats. We cooperate with many dealers all over the world providing our products. We have been trusted by thousands of customers.

We have the most experience and the most sold pieces.
We produce seats for four models of cars in several different colors and we are still working on new ones.



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Available colors


Nevada Black

Nevada Beige

Nevada Brown

Nevada Oyster

Nevada Chateu

Nevada Vermilion

Nevada Ivory

Nevada Champagne

Alcantara Black




The seat is being installed in the place of the plastic elbow-rest in the centre of the back seat.


Each customer will receive an additional seat belts.

The shade and the texture of leather are identical with the original pattern BMW. Our product has been made from the best quality, natural, German leather.

Installation is very simple. You only need to unscrew 6 screws. You can always go back to the serial version.


You can use baby car seat.



You will receive:

- Leather seat

- Seat belt

- Installation tools

- Warranty card

- Invoice

- Tracking number



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I get better price?


A: We are using best quality materials, that is why our price are high. You can looking better price on our website


Q: It is legal?


A: Each country has different law. You have to ask on your local vehicle control station. Please remebmer you can always return to original setting.

Q: How can I register car from 4 to 5 passengers?


A: In most countries it is enough to perform a new technical examination of the vehicle.

Q: What is delivery time?


A: From 3-12 days if you are not from Europe. Sometime longer if package will be stopped on customs clearance but we are not responsible for customs clearance.



Q: Where can I find VIN number?


A: Vin number is on ID (identity document) of your car. This the code starts with WBA...


Q: What if it is after the delivery date and I still have not received the item?


A: Then please chceckt shipping status, if the courier tried to deliver the parcel and did not find anyone at the address then the parcel is to be picked up at the local post office for 14 days.





Q: What if something is wrong with my seat?


A: There is only one thing that can be wrong. The color. We sold more than 1000pcs of seats. If color does not fit. Send seat back and we replace it for free.




If you have any more question please let me know.